Cricket Club


The origins of the Bendigo Cricket Club lie with the Forest Street Methodist Church, established very soon after the discovery of gold in the early 1850s. Teams representing the the church played socially for many years before joining the Sunday Schools Cricket Association for the 1894/95 season. The Club then joined the BDCA in 1907/08 season and played in the second eleven competition as the Comrades. In 1912/13 Comrades were promoted to the First XI and in 1924/25 the Club underwent a name change and have taken the field as the Bendigo Cricket Club ever since. The Club was one of the original tenants of the Queen Elisabeth Oval up until 2007, however due to the removal of training facilities the Club now uses Atkins St, North Bendigo as their home base.

In recent years, through the State Governments Community Sports Infrastructure Fund, in partnership with the Bendigo City Council, the Club received a grant for funds to build new nets at the North Bendigo Oval. These are multi-purpose and will be available to other users of the ground, local schools and community groups in the area.

This is an exciting time for the Club as it will allows us to train and play in the one location, provide better facilities for our members, and create a true home base for the Club. We have also invested in the centre wickets at the North Bendigo Oval, as in recent years they had been deteriorating. We hope to have a playing surface and practice facilities that will be the envy of other clubs in the region



  • 1926/27
  • 1934/35
  • 1939/40
  • 1942/43
  • 1945/46
  • 1948/49
  • 1954/55
  • 1959/60
  • 1964/65
  • 1970/71
  • 1975/76
  • 1976/77
  • 1993/94


Bendigo Cricket Club Life Membership is awarded to those who have represented BCC off the field, by serving multiple years on the committee or from their years of volunteer work.

Current Life Members for Bendigo Cricket Club:

  • E. Bishop
  • G. Aitken
  • M. Trahair
  • K. Francis
  • C. McDonald
  • J. Kidd
  • D. Laity
  • R. Lake
  • J. Grant
  • T. Hurford
  • A. Fitzpatrick
  • B. Baker
  • T. Ryan
  • I. Knight
  • T. Hamilton
  • M. Ryan
  • G. Franzi
  • B. Andrews
  • P. Kelly
  • L. Gaskell
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